FemTech at MAS:

Reusable Absorbent Underwear Testing Protocol

Setting standards for Reusable Absorbent Underwear

Setting the standard. Period

Our Purpose

Our aim is to bring normalcy to women’s lives from menarche to menopause, and everything in between, supporting them through the ups & downs of Womanhood. In order to help them through these various stages, we have developed the Reusable Absorbent Underwear. Through this technological innovation, we aim to give power back to women.

A Global Protocol for

Reusable Absorbent Underwear

At present, while there are standards for the testing of disposables, there are no global standards for Reusable Absorbent Underwear. Given this, different brands were basing their marketing claims on different test protocols. Our aim is to address this challenge by deriving absorbency claims from a standard based on body curvature and the position of the underwear when worn – either sitting or standing. Most of the claims today are made focusing on the Total Saturation Capacity on a flat surface, but realistically the maximum absorbent capacity should be the point where it starts to leak or penetrate around the narrowest point of the gusset in an average condition. This is the main reason why we have developed this test protocol ensuring the test and tools required are simple, affordable, and easily executed in the industry by any brand.

Being a thought leader in this space, FemTech at MAS worked hand in hand with Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH, an independent lab in Germany, to develop a Global Test Protocol for Reusable Absorbent Underwear. The aim of this protocol is for brands to use it as a benchmark to make accurate marketing claims.

Who will benefit?


Consumers will be provided with a selection of products that conform to global standards and are best suited to their requirements based on closer to real life user experiences. They will no longer be misled by a variety of ill-supported or overvalued claims.


With a global standardized protocol, brands will have the required parameters for testing and making accurate claims in the Washable Absorbent Underwear market.

The Industry

Given​​ insufficient regulatory standards currently, the FemTech industry will steer towards producing high quality products that are standardized and true to their claims.

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